Fundraising Volunteers

A Sailing Reprieve For Those Affected by Cancer and All Who Love

The FUNDRAISING volunteers create a link between our Healing Winds community respite sailing program and our greater Vermont community members.

Each FUNDRAISING volunteer is an ambassador of our mission which is to provide respite for cancer patients and all those who love them, and acts accordingly.

All of our sails are provided FREE OF CHARGE. It is through the generosity of donors — both individual and corporate — that this is made possible. Fundraising allows us to continue to expand our services as our demand increases — right here in our community and beyond!

Fundraising Committee Composition

At least 3-6 volunteer members comprised of:
– Board Members, Non-Board members
– At Large member who have interest in / or experience in non-profit fundraising
– Development staff / Executive Director)

Fundraising Committee Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Review all previous year fundraising activity and make recommendations for improvements for new fiscal year
  • Work with fundraising staff to determine annual development budget
  • Revise and update current fund development plan
  • Develop an annual calendar for the committee’s activities, including critical dates, milestones and required board actions
  • Engage in advocacy and networking
  • Participate in annual special events and other fundraising activities
  • Track and report progress toward fundraising goals to the Board
  • Analyze relationships with current and prospective major donors and funders and develop individualized strategies to cultivate or strengthen those relationships
  • Analyze relationships with current and prospective corporate sponsors, devise sponsorship packages, and work with staff and Board to develop relationships
  • Along with Executive Director, meet with current and prospective major donors and funders (foundations and corporations)
  • Tap respective networks for potential donors of money, time and in-kind support
  • Monitor & support fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective
  • Provide report out during full Board meetings (Board Chair) Committee Member Expectations
  • Attend and participate in regular Fundraising Committee meetings
  • Contribute financially to the organization at a level meaningful to the individual
  • Come prepared to participate and engage

Time Commitment: 4-8 hours per month (include meeting and outreach events)