Community Outreach Volunteers

A Sailing Reprieve For Those Affected by Cancer and All Who Love

Community Outreach is critical to the vitality of Healing Winds Vermont. We are constantly in search of speaking opportunities and creative ways to create awareness of our program to the public at large.

Community Outreach Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Understand the mission of Healing Winds and be able to share the value
  • Develop and maintain a replenishing system for rack cards in each location
  • Update and maintain these policies and procedures on our Google Drive
  • To organize outreach efforts of spreading the word of who we are and what we do
  • Help with maintaining database of point people in each location that we leave rack cards
  • Help arrange for speaking opportunities in various types of establishments while out in the public and ask for opportunities for staff and volunteers to speak and share who we are and what we are doing
  • Help canvass all hospitals, respite houses and any other location to place rack cards
  • Help with End of the Year follow up calls to passengers and nominees who have gone sailing with us over the summer

Time Commitment

  • Looking for year around opportunities especially during the spring/summer months (February – July)
  • 4-12 hours per month (include meeting and outreach events)